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EventImages EventImages Event is a challenging thing to shoot. Low lighting, chaotic movement of people, etc. make it hard to capture memorable photos and to save the vibe of it at the same time ...

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Nature in photos

Pictures captured in Nature Pictures ofNature Whenever you're lost and don't know where to find some inspiration, go to the woods, hike in the mountains, or walk the nearest nature trail ...

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Randomized Videos

Random videography About the process I don't have any long term planned videos. Here are the videos that were shor quite spontaneously. Whether it was during a hiking trip or just during a casual walk around the city, ideas come randomly in the field. Although there are examples where a video is the result of much later thinking over some idea. But it wasn't a lot of thinking. Since I haven't shot any commercial videos so far, I could allow myself a lof of freedom in terms of creative process. DJing party at a local bar ...

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A little info on my path

Pictures, be they static or moving, tell more than any words I've been in photography for a long time. I wouldn't say we have been having a beautiful time together. We've had our highs and lows. Once I even had a long break from photography, more than 10 years break. Nevertheless, photography has been living inside me all the time. My new photolife had started a couple of years ago. Since then I've changed systems, changed my interests in photo genres, styles etc. But the love to take picture hasn't changed. I see photos in everyday life,...

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